Without The Aid Of A Safety Net (Vinyl)


Big Country's Without The Aid Of A Safety Net was their first ever live album, originally released in 1994 and recorded at a homecoming gig at The Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow.

The set mixes tracks taken from their recent studio album, The Buffalo Skinners, such as the singles "Alone and Ships", along with the classic tracks from their catalogue "In A Big Country", "Look Away", "Fields Of Fire" as well as two Neil Young covers, "Rockin' In The Free World" and "Hey, Hey, My My (Out Of The Blue)". The original vinyl version of this album only had a limited pressing as a single LP.

This new deluxe version features the complete unedited concert recording split over 3 records for optimal sound quality. The package is a tri-fold sleeve with 3 180gm and heavyweight black vinyl with sleeve notes written by guitarist Bruce Watson.

Release date: 27th August, 2021


1. Introduction
2. Harvest Home
3. Peace In Our Time
4. Just A Shadow
5. 13 Valleys
6. Winter Sky
7. The Storm
8. Chance
9. Tracks Of My Tears
10. Rockin' In The Free World
1. All Go Together
2. We're Not In Kansas
3. Look Away
4. What Are You Working For
5. Steeltown
6. Stuart And The Audience
7. Ships
8. Wonderland
1. Long Way Home
2. Alone
3. In A Big Country
4. The Audience (Encore)
5. Lost Patrol
6. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
7. Fields Of Fire