Warriors (CD)


Item: CD

Lisa Mitchell has announced her third studio album, 'Warriors,' featuring the first single "The Boys!"

'Warriors' is her third album, Mitchell's adolescence is still recent history. At just 26, the musician has built a catalogue to rival elders. Mitchell's debut EP was released when she was just 17, her second at 18; both accomplished folk pieces harbouring pop ambitions. Her full-length debut, 'Wonder,' delivered on its promise, reaching No. 6 in Australia and achieving Platinum status. Her follow-up, 'Bless This Mess,' introduced a wider sonic scope, tethering lush piano-driven pop to jangly, rock flourishes. While acoustic guitar remains Mitchell's primary songwriting tool, for her third album she decided to shake things up. 


  1. The Boys
  2. Warriors
  3. Warhol
  4. Unravelling
  5. So Wild
  6. I remember Love
  7. What Is Love
  8. Where You Are
  9. Josephine
  10. Love, Death X