(Un)Commentary (Vinyl)


Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin has announced the release of his sophomore album (Un)commentary out on April 15th via Elektra Records. The album will feature 13 tracks including the previously released “The Way You Felt,” “Older,” and “Shadow Of Mine,” out now with the accompanying music video directed by Gus Black (Phoebe Bridgers, Sheryl Crow). The song is a moody and mesmerizing piece that speaks to the futility of trying to outrun your demons. Alec observes, “A lot of the time you think your problems are the product of your environment, when in reality they exist inside you.”

(Un)commentary came to life through a relentless questioning of the world around him: the pressures and disappointments of adulthood, the indignities of social-media addiction, existential anxiety and angst, and countless other manifestations of what he refers to as “raw human nature.”

“I think my generation has a lot of valid criticisms of everything that’s happening in our country and in the world right now,” says Alec of (Un)commentary’s essential narrative. “The question is: are we going to tear ourselves apart, or are we going to leave this place better than we found it?”

(Un)commentary was produced by Sir Nolan (Kehlani, Selena Gomez), Sam de Jong (Lennon Stella, Gary Clark Jr.), and RØMANS (Mary J Blige, Khalid) and features writing collaborations with Dan Wilson (Adele, Leon Bridges), Charlie Puth (Justin Bieber, John Legend), Sam Roman (RØMANS) and Nolan Lambrosa (Sir Nolan) to name a few.

Alec, who Paper magazine dubbed “a storyteller who’s mastered the art of turning everyday heartbreak into compelling pop songs,” has an already impressive resume which includes 4B+ global streams, 10M+ social media followers across his platforms, 70M+ in playlist reach, and 1B+ YouTube views on his channel. Following the successes of “Let Me Down Slowly”, “Water Fountain” and “Oh My God”, TIME hailed him as “a pop storyteller for the next generation.” Alec looks forward to continuing his retrospective run of new music into 2022.

Release date: 15th April, 2022