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The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit (Vinyl) Glow In The Dark

Brand: Dune Rats

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Glow In The Dark Vinyl

Dune Rats’ second album ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’ is finally back in print on vinyl! The new single sleeve (i.e not gatefold) edition does not include the 12” booklet from the first edition but is available at stores across Australia in ‘Braindead’ Pink and from the Dune Rats and Warner stores in ‘Scott Glow-In-The-Dark Green’ versions. These will sell out on pre-sale so order now!

The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit is the second full length album by Dune Rats which features 11 tracks including single Scott Green. The album was produced by FIDLAR’S Zac Carper and was recorded at Head Gap Studios in Melbourne. Most of the tracks were written in beach shacks across the east coast of Australia and on tour buses around the world, although Scott Green had its own unique origins in the US. “We made Scott Green out at Joshua Tree in America with Zac. We had 5 days to write some songs in between tours in the US & UK and we busted out a fuck load of tunes having a blast in the middle of bum fuck nowhere."


  1. Don't Talk
  2. 6 Pack
  3. Demolition Derby
  4. Braindead
  5. Scott Green
  6. Never Gonna Get High
  7. Like Before
  8. Counting Sheep
  9. Buzz-Kill
  10. Mary
  11. Bullshit