The Best Of

The Best of Joy Division is a compilation album of material from Joy Division. It was released March 24, 2008

Track listing
"New Dawn Fades"
"Dead Souls"
"She's Lost Control"
"Love Will Tear Us Apart"
"These Days"
"Twenty Four Hours"
"Heart and Soul"

Bonus CD – The Complete BBC Recordings
"Exercise One" (Peel Session)
"Insight" (Peel Session)
"She's Lost Control" (Peel Session)
"Transmission" (Peel Session)
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Peel Session)
"Twenty Four Hours" (Peel Session)
"Colony" (Peel Session)
"Sound of Music" (Peel Session)
"Transmission" (live)
"She's Lost Control" (live)
"Ian Curtis & Stephen Morris interviewed by Richard Skinner"