Terry Riley: Sun Rings (CD)


Kronos Quartet’s groundbreaking 2002 collaboration with composer Terry Riley, Sun Rings, is available as a recording for the first time via Nonesuch Records on August 30, 2019. One movement from the piece—“One Earth, One People, One Love”—was previously included in Kronos’ 2015 Terry Riley box set of the same name.

Track listing

1. Sun Rings Overture
2. Hero Danger
3. Beebopterismo
4. Planet Elf Sindoori
5. Earth Whistlers *
6. Earth/Jupiter Kiss
7. The Electron Cyclotron Frequency Parlour
8. Prayer Central *
9. Venus Upstream
10. One Earth, One People, One Love

Produced by Judith Sherman
*With Volti, Robert Geary, Artistic Director