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Tarkus (LP)


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ELPs second LP ‘Tarkus’ (1971) stretched their sound in new directions and dimensions, with more complex electronic keyboard sound. The title track took up the first side of the LP and ultimately defined the ELP sound - loud, bombastic and boundlessly exultant in its instrumental power. Last minute addition ‘Lucky Man’ became their debut single, a U.K. and U.S. hit.


The LP is the original 1971 album, newly cut for the first time from the 24 Bit / High Density 2012 remaster, with original gatefold LP sleeve and artwork, faithfully reproduced.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Tarkus

Side B

1. Jeremy Bender

2. Bitches Crystal

3. The Only Way (Hymn)

4. Infinite Space (Conclusion)

5. A Time and A Place

6. Are You Ready Eddy?