Storm Boy (Signed CD + T-Shirt)


Xavier Rudd is an incredible Australian singer-song writer and multi-instrumentalist, with each record he has created something new and unique, yet unmistakably Xavier Rudd. His ninth studio album, Storm Boy, is a stunning addition to his legacy – instantly earning its place among his finest work. Storm Boy is set for release on May 25th. 

“I've seen people holding on to nothing,” rings the opening line of Walk Away, Storm Boys first single. Familiarly human, it is a sentiment that we all know. Each of us has been the hoarder of something broken. We have all faced that which we should let go of. “Walk away from all that you know, walk away and hold your own,” sings Xavier as the song climbs to each soaring chorus.

Track list:

    1. Walk Away
      1. Keep It Simple
        1. Storm Boy
          1. Honeymoon Bay
            1. Fly Me High
              1. Gather The Hands
                1. Best That I Can
                  1. Feet On The Ground
                    1. Growth Lines
                      1. True To Yourself
                        1. Before I Go
                          1. True Love
                            1. Times Like These

                            Congratulations to the winner of the sector 9 Ledger Completes Skateboard signed by Xavier Rudd - O. Martin.