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Sons (Vinyl)

Brand: The Heavy

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THE HEAVY are the music industry’s worst kept secret. They make blazing, urgent, infectious rock-soul with a strong dose of hip-hop. You’ve heard their songs in a lot of different places, and it’s likely that you loved them.

A heady mix of impassioned, incandescent vocal, gargantuan riff and boom-bap drums conjured up a triumph-inadversity sentiment that struck a chord across the globe. 

Forming in the fertile swamps of England’s West Country in the mid-noughties, around the axis of Dan Taylor (guitarist and songwriter) and Kelvin Swaby (vocalist and songwriter), THE HEAVY immediately astounded. Jaw dropping, freshly minted riffs, funk-ridden bass and Swaby’s startling, Mayfieldesque vocals blew minds and won hearts.

THE HEAVY’s most recent album Hurt & The Merciless was released in 2016.

Release date: 17th May, 2019

Side A
1. Heavy for You
2. The Thief
3. Better as One
4. Fire
5. Fighting for the Same Thing

Side B
1. Hurt Interlude
2. Put the Hurt on Me
3. Simple Things
4. A Whole Lot of Love
5. What Don't Kill You
6. Burn Bright