Brand: The Heavy

THE HEAVY are the music industry’s worst kept secret. They make blazing, urgent, infectious rock-soul with a strong dose of hip-hop. You’ve heard their songs in a lot of different places, and it’s likely that you loved them.

A heady mix of impassioned, incandescent vocal, gargantuan riff and boom-bap drums conjured up a triumph-inadversity sentiment that struck a chord across the globe. 

Forming in the fertile swamps of England’s West Country in the mid-noughties, around the axis of Dan Taylor (guitarist and songwriter) and Kelvin Swaby (vocalist and songwriter), THE HEAVY immediately astounded. Jaw dropping, freshly minted riffs, funk-ridden bass and Swaby’s startling, Mayfieldesque vocals blew minds and won hearts.

THE HEAVY’s most recent album Hurt & The Merciless was released in 2016.

Release date: 17th May, 2019

1. Heavy for You
2. The Thief
3. Better as One
4. Fire
5. Fighting for the Same Thing
6. Hurt Interlude
7. Put the Hurt on Me
8. Simple Things
9. A Whole Lot of Love
10. What Don't Kill You
11. Burn Bright