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Showboat Honey (CD)

Brand: Kyle Craft

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There is this curious equilibrium to existence: In order to create balance, the universe must giveth, and the universe must taketh. Kyle Craft, with his now solidified backing band, dubbed Showboat Honey, know this all too well. And this is why their self-titled album, the contemplative yet restless Showboat Honey reflects that sturm und drang.

Track listing
1. Broken Mirror Pose
2. O! Lucky Hand
3. 2 Ugly 4 NY
4. Blackhole/Joyride
5. Bed of Needles #2
6. Deathwish Blue
7. Blood in the Water
8. Buzzkill Caterwaul
9. Sunday Driver
10.Johnny (Free & Easy)
11.She's Lily Riptide