Out Of All This Blue (Standard 2CD)


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The Waterboys will release their brand-new studio double album Out Of All This Blue on September 8 2017; their first for BMG Records, with whom they recently signed.

Out Of All This Blue is The Waterboys most exploratory recording yet, comprising 23 songs with Mike Scott's trademark sharp lyrics set to pop music with echoes of classic R&B, country, soul and funk and underpinned by modern hiphop production values and rhythms.String & brass sections were arranged and conducted by Trey Pollard of The Spacebomb Collective.  Mike Scott says of the record:"Out Of All This Blue is 2/3 love and romance, 1/3 stories and observations.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to make a double album, and lucky for me - and I hope the listener - the songs just kept coming, and in pop colours."



1  Do We Choose Who We Love
2  If I Was Your Boyfriend
3  Santa Fe
4  If the Answer Is Yeah
5  Love Walks In
6  New York I Love You
7  The Connemara Fox
8  The Girl in the Window Chair
9  Morning Came Too Soon
10  Hiphopstrumental 4 (Scatman)
11  The Hammerhead Bar
12  Mister Charisma
13  Nashville, Tennessee
14  Man, What a Woman
15  Girl in a Kayak
16  Monument
17  Kinky's History Lesson
18  Skyclad Lady
19  Rokudenashiko
20  Didn't We Walk on Water
21  The Elegant Companion
22  Yamaben
23  Payo Payo Chin