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Our Best Of (CD)

Brand: Sunnyboys

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The phoenix-like rise of much-loved 80s Australian alternative-rock group Sunnyboys (1980 - 1984) continues with this brand new best-of collection, released to coincide with the announcement of a March 2014 headline tour, the band's first since their one-off reformation in 1991.

Sunnyboys 'Our Best Of' comprises 16 tracks all remastered and hand-picked by the band and features the hits ('Happy Man', 'Alone With you', 'Show Me Some Discipline' and more) and fan faves. It also includes previously unreleased material including a pre-debut album demo; recently unearthed alternative mixes from their 1982 album, 'Individuals', and a bonus live-track taken from Sunnyboys 2013 Sydney Opera House show.

The package also including a 16 page booklet detailing the band's rise, mysterious disappearance, and eventual return plus, for the first time, Jeremy Oxley explains the meaning behind those songs.

"Many acts make comebacks, more now than ever in fact, but I can't remember feeling so much love in a room for an Australian band that, like its audience, was reliving its glorious youth. It was a fantastic experience." - Iain Sheddon / The Australian Sydney Opera House June 2013


1. Love to Rule
2. The Seeker
3. What You Need
4. Tomorrow will Be Fine (unreleased demo)
5. Trouble In My Brain
6. Tunnel of Love
7. I'm Shakin'
8. Tell Me what you Say
9. No Love Around (original unreleased rough mix)
10. Love In A box
11. Comes As No surprise
12. Show Me Some discipline
13. You Need a Friend (original unreleased rough mix)
14. Happy Man
15. Alone with You
16. Let You Go (unreleased 2013 Sydney Opera House Live version)