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Original Album Series

Brand: Bread

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Disc 1: Bread
Dismal Day
London Bridge
Could I
Look At Me
The Last Time
Any Way You Want Me
Move Over
Don't Shut Me Out
You Can't Measure The Cost
Family Doctor
It Don't Matter To Me
Friends And Lovers

Disc 2: On The Waters
Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
Make It With You
Blue Satin Pillow
Look What You've Done
I Am That I Am
Been Too Long On The Road
I Want You With Me
Coming Apart
Easy Love
In The Afterglow
Call On Me
The Other Side Of Life

Disc 3: Manna
Let Your Love Go
Take Comfort
Too Much Love
Be Kind To Me
He's A Good Lad
She Was My Lady
Live In Your Love
What A Change
I Say Again
Come Again

Disc 4: Baby I'm A Want You
Mother Freedom
Baby I'm-A Want You
Down On My Knees
Everything I Own
Nobody Like You
Dream Lady
Games Of Magic
This Isn't What The Governmeant
Just Like Yesterday
I Don't Love You

Disc 5: Guitar Man
Welcome To The Music
Guitar Man
Make It By Yourself
Fancy Dancer
Sweet Surrender
Let Me Go
Yours For Life
Picture In Your Mind
Don't Tell Me No
Didn't Even Know Her Name