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Ominion (CD)


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RELEASE DATE: 1st September, 2017

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The new Hercules and Love Affair album, ‘Omnion’, is a vital step forward and sideways from what came before. The band, renowned for their killer disco-tech sound on stage and record, will cause ripples with eleven songs that sparkle with faith and tolerance as a response to our troubling times.Thus Hercules’s fourth album sallies forth into new territory, representing a new-found engagement with the world.


Omnion (feat. Sharon Van Etten)
Controller (feat. Faris Badwan)
Rejoice (feat. Rouge Mary)
Are You Still Certain? (feat. Mashrou Leila)
Running (feat. Sisy Ey)
Fools Wear Crowns
Lies (feat. Gustaph)
Wildchild (feat. Rouge Mary)
My Curse and Cure (feat. Gustaph)
Through Your Atmosphere (feat. Faris Badwan)
Epilogue (feat. Gustaph)