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My Dear Companion:Sections From The Trio Collection (CD)


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Both Legendary Albums Recorded By The Female Country Holy Trinity
Newly Remastered For Three-Disc Set Packed With Rare And Unreleased Music to be released September 9th 2016.
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris have three careers unparalleled in music history. Together they have sold over 200 million albums worldwide and performed for decades in front of countless fans around the globe. It’s no surprise that when their three voices united to release their debut collaboration, the results were remarkable. The threesome released two albums together, Trio (1987) and Trio II (1999), which have combined to sell more than five million copies worldwide and win three Grammy® Awards.


  1. The Pain Of Loving You
  2. My Dear Companion
  3. To Know Him Is To Love Him
  4. Telling Me Lies
  5. Farther Along 
  6. Lover’s Return
  7. After The Gold Rush
  8. The Blue Train
  9. You’ll Never Be The Sun
  10. When We’re Gone, Long Gone
  11. Waltz Across Texas Tonight (Unreleased 1994)
  12. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (Dolly Lead – Alternate Take 1994)
  13. Wildflowers (Alternate Take 1986)
  14. Calling My Children Home (Unreleased Acapella Version 1986)

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