More Amor

Brand: Emin

International recording artist Emin is a superstar in his home territories of Azerbaijan and Russia, selling out arenas both there and abroad. Emin has played to some of the world's largest TV audiences with appearances from the Winter Olympics, Eurovision 2012, Miss Universe 2014 and the upcoming European Olympic Games in Baku in 2015.

On his new CD 'More Amor' his leading single "Woman" features Australian singer songwriter Charly Williams, as well as the lilting ballad "Footsteps" - penned by One Direction hit maker Jamie Scott; and the uptempo Maroon Five vibe of pop dance track "Boomerang" - created in Denmark by hit make Cutfather (Kylie, Ollie Murs).

Emin has included a few of his most popular tracks from his previous 4 CDs on this current album which round out this 16 track CD.

Track listing

Woman (feat. Charly Williams)
Into The Night
I'll Be There
Baby Get Higher
Walk Through Walls
Not Alone
Anytime You Fall
Just For One Night
Sweetest Feeling
Woman (feat. Charly Williams) (dance Mix)