Moon Landing (CD)


Multi-platinum selling artist James Blunt is back! He has just released his a brand new single 'Bonfire Heart' which is the perfect introduction of what's to come for James' 4th album, 'Moon Landing'. 'Bonfire Heart' is a true James Blunt track, with a melody quickly etching itself into your consciousness, and you'll soon be humming along to the sweetly reflective verses, and anthemic chorus.

'Moon Landing' is an album about dreams, longing and first love. About looking in the mirror and seeing the boy you were, the man you are - and learning to be comfortable with that, flaws and all. About getting back to basics and rediscovering the power of music to communicate emotion directly and honestly, without too much polish or complication.

1. Face The Sun
2. Satellites
3. Bonfire Heart
4. Heart To Heart
5. Miss America
6. The Only One
7. Sun on Sunday
8. Bones
9. Always Hate Me
10. Postcards
11. Blue On Blue