Mates On The Road (CD)

Mates on the Road is a live album by Australian country music artist John Williamson with fiddle player Pixie Jenkins and country music singer Warren H. Williams.

Track listing
1. Mallee Boy
2. Dear Little Quambatook
3. It Goes Without Saying
4. Cracker Night
5. Forty Years Ago
6. Salisbury Street
7. Hawkesbury River Lovin’
8. The Flight Of The Blowfly
9. Boomerang Cafe
10. Buried In Her Bedclothes
11. You And My Guitar
12. Old Man Emu
13. Galleries Of Pink Galahs
14. Cootamundra Wattle
15. Teach Me To Drive, Dad
16. Cape York Peninsula
17. Crocidile Roll
18. Wrinkles
19. Diamantina Drover
20. Amazing Day
21. Three Sons
22. Keeper Of The Stones
23. A Thousand Feet
24. What A Place
25. Raining On The Rock
26. Chain Around My Ankle
27. I Can’t Feel Those Chains Any Longer
28. Diggers Of The Anzac
29. Waltzing Matilda
30. A Number On My Back
31. True Blue
32. A Bushman Can’t Survive
33. Glory To Australia
34. Mates On The Road