Marvin The Album - 21st Anniversary Edition (CD)

Brand: Frente

· A 21st Anniversary Edition of one of the most popular Australian albums from the '90s, from one of Australia's most iconic indie-pop bands! Features their classic material remastered for the first time!
· Includes the smash hit singles 'Accidently Kelly Street', 'Ordinary Angels' and, 'Labour of Love'.
· DISC ONE is the Australian version of the album in its original sequence, with the additional of three international bonus tracks, including the much-sought and long deleted cover of New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle'.
· DISC TWO contains the first two Frente EPs, Whirled and Clunk (Clunk was itself a Platinum-selling release), rounded off with four special covers - 'Something Stupid' (from the 'Accidently Kelly St' EP), Joni Mitchell's 'Blue' (from the 'No Time' single), Chris Knox's 'Not Given Lightly' (from the 'Lonely' EP) and Ween's 'I Will Miss You' (very rare, from the UK 7" of 'What's Come Over Me').
· Beautifully designed digipak and booklet featuring numerous images as well as liner notes by fan SARAH BLASKO.

CD 1
Girl (2014 remaster)
Accidently Kelly Street (2014 remaster)
Most Beautiful (2014 remaster)
No Time (2014 remaster)
Cuscatalan (2014 remaster)
Pretty Friend (2014 remaster)
1.9.0. (2014 remaster)
Reflect (2014 remaster)
Out of my Sight (2014 remaster)
See/Believe (2014 remaster)
Labour of Love (Album version) (2014 remaster)
Ordinary Angels (Album Version) (2014 remaster)
Dangerous (2014 remaster)
Lonely (2014 remaster)
Explode (2014 remaster)
Bizarre Love Triangle (2014 remaster)

CD 2
Love and Terror (2014 remaster)
Oh Brilliance (2014 remaster)
Last To Know (2014 remaster)
Labour of Love (Original Version) (2014 remaster)
Risk (2014 remaster)
Baby Blue Sycophant (2014 remaster)
Testimony (2014 remaster)
Discipline and Deep Water (2014 remaster)
Ordinary Angels (Original Version) (2014 remaster)
Book Song (2014 remaster)
Seamless (2014 remaster)
Paper Bullets and Walls (2014 remaster)
Nadi (2014 remaster)
Somethin' Stupid (Stoopid) (2014 remaster)
Blue (2014 remaster)
Not Given Lightly (2014 remaster)
I'll Miss You (2014 remaster)