Magnificent Bird (CD)


Composer/singer/songwriter Gabriel Kahane releases Magnificent Bird on March 25, 2022. The album, his fifth solo LP and second for Nonesuch Records, chronicles the final month of a year spent off the internet.

In October 2020, the final month of his tech sabbatical, Kahane set out to write a song every day. “I wanted to create an aural brain scan at the end of this experiment,” he explains, “and to give myself permission to write about small things, rather than trying to distill the enormity of the moment into grand statements.”

The dozen collaborators who appear on Magnificent Bird a list that also includes composer/performers Nathalie Joachim and Pekka Kuusisto ; the celebrated clarinetist Anthony McGill; avant folk stalwarts Sam Amidon and Holcombe Waller; longtime colleagues Gabriel Cabezas, Casey Foubert , Alex Sopp , and Elizabeth Ziman ; and mix engineer Joseph Lorge reflect a central paradox: a trunk of songs written in
self imposed isolation was brought to life through the very technology Kahane had shunned. “Everyone who plays on the album is someone I love as a person as much as I do as a musician. The truth is, after all that isolation, I just wanted an excuse to get in touch with my friends. It was almost secondary to get them to play on this record, which is, as much as any I’ve made, a pure expression of community.”

Release date: 25th March, 2022


1. We Are The Saints
2. Hot Pink Raingear
3. The Hazelnut Tree
4. To Be American
5. Chemex
6. Linda & Stuart
7. Magnificent Bird
8. The Basement Engineer
9. Die Traumdeutung
10. Sit Shiva