Love Is The New Black (Gold Vinyl)


Anthony Hamilton has been a gift to soul and R&B Music for decades. With his powerful vulnerability and personalized essence, there’s no one more appropriate than he in releasing an album titled “Love is the New Black.”

Hamilton’s latest album is being released five years after his last album, “What I’m Feeling”, and features a track list that includes, Jermaine Dupri, Rick Ross, Lil Jon, and Jennifer Hudson. Listeners should be prepared for a musical maturation within himself and a highlight of love, which is surely needed in this climate.

Release date: 27th May, 2022


Love Is The New Black
Threw It All Away
Real Love (Feat. Rick Ross)
I’m Ready (Feat. Lil John)
White Hennessy
Coming Home
You Made A Fool Of Me
I Thought We Were In Love
Superstar Duet with Jennifer Hudson
I’m Sorry
Mama Don’t Cry