Live On Soundstage (CD/DVD)


Item: CD

On Friday July 29, 2016, singer/songwriter and pianist Regina Spektor performed at WTTW’s Grainger Studio in Chicago to a crowd of 400 of her biggest fans. WTTW’s 9,000 sq. ft. Grainger Studio allows audiences to be up close and personal with the performing artists, and this is captured through the live DVD, immersing the viewer into the live concert experience. Spektor delivers an array of her compositions from past and current projects within her setlist.


  1. On The Radio
  2. Better
  3. Bleeding Heart
  4. Older And Taller
  5. Grand Hotel
  6. Small Bill$
  7. Black And White
  8. Hotel Songs
  9. The Trapper And The Furrier
  10. Sellers Of Flowers
  11. Obsolete
  12. Tornadoland
  13. You've Got The Time
  14. New Year
  15. Us
  16. The Visit
  17. The Light
  18. Fidelity
  19. Samson