Ketevan (CD)


Katie Melua's sixth studio album 'Ketevan' is the perfect Christmas gift for Mum and fittingly features 'I Will Be There' a beautiful tribute to a protective matriarchal figure, written by Katie's longtime collaborator Mike Batt on commission from the Royal Palace in the UK.

Katie's unique and astonishing voice, with a maturity and richness that has developed over her career, narrates tales of love and life. Having enjoyed such success with her previous albums - Katie has sold over 11 million albums worldwide to date - says of 'Ketevan' : "I hope people enjoy the songs, the variety of ideas on this record, with romance, melancholia, with rootsy blues and then a few retro inspired jazz songs."

Get it for your mum - Katie Melua is a favourite of her majesty the Queen Of England - so it's definitely good enough for your mum!

1. Never Felt Less Like Dancing
2. Sailing Ships From Heaven
3. Love Is A Silent Thief
4. Shiver And Shake
5. The Love I'm Frightened Of
6. Where Does The Ocean Go?
7. Idiot School
8. Mad, Mad Men
9. Chase Me
10. I Never Fall
11. I Will Be There