Jessica Mauboy T-Shirt (Yellow)


Jessica Mauboy Ausmusic T-Shirt Day 2021

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is a massive nation-wide celebration of Australian music that reminds us how lucky we are to have such a strong local music scene, with many highly talented and successful artists across all genres of music.

Designed in collaboration with Soju Gang (Sky Thomas).

Quote from Soju:

The imagery harnesses dragon fruit; a fruit of which is grown in both Indonesia and the NT - paying homage to Jess’ roots.

The significance of these roots, both her family and her “roots” working hard in the industry, is that Jess can now “bear the fruits” - new music, new path, new sound; all how she wants to create and move forward.

Fruit reminds me of home. The late afternoons sitting out the front of an auntys having the juice run down my arms as I munched away. The colours bustling together in my grandmothers lounge room - her Koori artworks, scarves and pots filling up the space. And the taste bringing me back to memories spent with cousins running up and down old dirt streets.

Home is belonging. It embraces you. It reminds you who you are and who you come from.

I wanted to have a piece of that in this work; to signify that this growth is welcomed. That this is where she belongs. And most of all, to remind her of her roots, her beginnings and community. You pave a new path and a new chapter for yourself - and you take us with you.