Jason Mraz (Deluxe Edition) (Vinyl)

Brand: Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz' second studio album, Mr. A-Z is available on vinyl for the first time ever on July 22nd. The double LP includes four previously unreleased instrumentals of songs from the standard album.

Track List

LP 1, Side A
1. Life Is Wonderful
2. Wordplay
3. Geek In the Pink
4. Did You Get My Message?

LP 1, Side B
1. Mr. Curiosity
2. Clockwatching
3. Bella Luna
4. Plane

LP 2, Side C
1. O. Lover
2. Please Don’t Tell Her
3. The Forecast
4. Song for a Friend

LP 2, Side D [Instrumentals]
1. Life Is Wonderful (Instrumental)
2. Geek in the Pink (Instrumental – Lillywhite Mix)
3. Bella Luna (Instrumental)
4. Song for a Friend (Instrumental)