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Introspective: Further Listening 1988-1989


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Pet Shop Boys will release the third set of albums in their definitive ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’ series of reissues of all their Parlophone studio albums. The PSB albums ‘Please’ from 1986, ‘Actually’ from 1987 and 1988’s ‘Introspective’ will be reissued on March 2nd 2018. The albums have been remastered and repackaged, and will be accompanied by ‘Further listening’ albums of master quality bonus tracks - including demos, extended mixes and remixes of tracks from the albums and others created in the same period as each record.

Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 release ‘Introspective’. This album has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide to date and was the first to feature production by Trevor Horn, whose lavish orchestrations marked a new sonic direction for PSB. House Music legend, Frankie Knuckles created the mix of “I want a dog” while “Domino dancing” was recorded in Miami with hit producer Lewis Martinée. ‘Introspective’ also saw Pet Shop Boys introduce a new approach to the format of an album and its respective singles: each of the 6 tracks on the album’s original track-listing is over six minutes in length, and they were later edited to fit the more traditional format of a seven-inch single. “The idea was to have an album where every track was a single. And in fact five out of the six of them were, because ‘I’m not scared’ was a single for Patsy Kensit, or rather for her group Eighth Wonder”, says Neil Tennant. This ‘Catalogue’ re-issue features, along with the newly-remastered original album, bonus material such as demo versions of ‘Don Juan’ and ‘Domino dancing’, seven-inch and disco mixes of ‘Losing my mind’ and Left to my own devices’.

Disc 1:
Left to my own devices
I want a dog
Domino dancing
I'm Not Scared
Always on my mind/In my house
It's alright
Disc 2:
I get excited (You get excited too)
Don Juan (demo version)
Domino dancing (demo version)
Domino dancing (alternative version)
The sound of the atom splitting
What keeps mankind alive?
Don Juan (disco mix)
Losing my mind (disco mix)
Nothing has been proved (demo for Dusty)
So sorry, I said (demo for Liza)
Left to my own devices (seven-inch Mix)
It's alright (ten-inch version)
One of the crowd
It's Alright (seven-inch version)
Your funny uncle