In The Hot Seat (2LP)


Item: 12" VInyl


  • After undergoing surgery to continue playing guitar, Emerson with his partners Lake & Palmer were able to devise an excellent array of tracks including most notably “Hand of Truth”.
  • In The Hot Seat also includes an entirely new range of sound like you have never heard before with the exclusive remastered editions and bonus tracks.


  1.  Hand of Truth 
  2.  Daddy 
  3.  One by One 
  4.  Heart On Ice 
  5.  Thin Line 
  6.  Man in the Long Black Coat 
  7.  Change 
  8.  Give Me a Reason to Stay 
  9.  Gone Too Soon 
  10.  Street War 
  11.  Pictures At an Exhibition 
  12.  A Time and a Place 
  13.  Piano Concerto No. 1: Third Movement 


  1.  From the Beginning 
  2.  Karn Evil 9: First Impression, Pt. 2 
  3.  Tiger in a Spotlight 
  4.  Hoedown 
  5.  Touch and Go 
  6.  Knife-Edge 
  7.  Bitches Crystal 
  8.  Honky Tonk Train Blues 
  9.  Take a Pebble  
10.  Lucky Man 
 11.  Fanfare for the Common Man / Blue Rondo a la Turk 
 12.  21st Century Schizoid Man / America