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In Amber (Vinyl)


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Hercules & Love Affair—a project led by DJ and producer Andy Butler—will return this year with their first new album since 2017’s Omnion. The album features Butler reuniting with ANOHNI for the first time since “Blind” from Hercules & Love Affair’s self-titled 2008 debut.

“In dance music, the focus tends to be more on celebration, joy, desire, heartbreak,” Butler said in a statement. “But rage? Existential contemplation? Not so much… certain emotions seemed to be off limits. In some ways, In Amber is a record I didn’t know I had in me.” He continued:

“As an artist that has always puts my personal lived experience forward in my work, not to mention the chaos of living through these recent times, I could not in good conscience make something comfortable. I needed to express my discomfort. Making a ’90s sounding techno or house record, or an odd ’80s sounding dance track was not anything I needed to do.”

Release date: 17th June, 2022


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