iii (CD)

Brand: Miike Snow

Size: CD

iii, Miike Snow’s triumphant return and first taste of new music in three years. The members of Miike Snow have spent much of time since traveling fresh creative avenues, including solo albums, the formation of new bands, and a wide variety of production and songwriting collaborations. The trio first began work on their third album in late 2013 and then continued over the next two years, convening in studios in New York, Los Angeles, and Stockholm, often times teaming with other songwriters and producers in search of new sonic and emotional approaches. The result is Miike Snow’s most innovative and creatively unified work thus far, typified by the propulsive pop soul of tracks. “It’s the original Miike Snow sound,” says Winnberg, “but taken to the next level.


1.       My Trigger
2.       The Heart Of Me
3.       Genghis Khan
4.       Heart Is Full (Feat. Run The Jewels) [Remix]
5.       For U (feat. Charli XCX)
6.       I Feel The Weight
7.       Back Of The Car
8.       Lonely Life
9.       Over And Over
10.   Longshot (7 Nights)