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Houses Of The Holy (Deluxe CD)


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o 2CD Deluxe re-issue of Led Zeppelin's fifth album 'Houses Of The Holy', newly Remastered By Jimmy Page, with an additional disc of previously unreleased companion audio
o Led Zeppelin topped the charts again in 1973 with Houses Of The Holy, which features legendary tracks such as The Song Remains The Same and No Quarter while also showcasing the continuing evolution of the band's signature sound with the reggae-tinged D'yer Mak'er and the funk jam The Crunge.
o The seven unreleased tracks on the companion audio disc include rough and working mixes for The Ocean and Dancing Days that reveal a deeper look inside the recording sessions of these classic songs. Other standout recordings include the guitar mix backing track for Over The Hills And Far Away and a version of The Rain Song without piano.

CD 1
1. "The Song Remains The Same"
2. "The Rain Song"
3. "Over The Hills And Far Away"
4. "The Crunge"
5. "Dancing Days"
6. "D'yer Mak'er"
7. "No Quarter"
8. "The Ocean"

CD 2 - Companion Audio
1. "The Song Remains The Same" - Guitar Overdub Reference Mix
2. "The Rain Song" - Mix Minus Piano
3. "Over The Hills And Far Away" - Guitar Mix Backing Track
4. "The Crunge" - Rough Mix - Keys Up
5. "Dancing Days" - Rough Mix With Vocal
6. "No Quarter" - Rough Mix With JPJ Keyboard Overdubs - No Vocal
7. "The Ocean" - Working Mix