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Hits'N'Riffs (CD)

Brand: Skyhooks

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Hits'n'Riffs is a compilation album released in November 2015 by Australian band Skyhooks.

Track listing
"Living in the 70's"
"Balwyn Calling"
"Horror Movie"
"You Just Like Me Cos I'm Good in Bed"
"Ego Is Not a Dirty Word"
"Saturday Night"
"All My Friends Are Getting Married"
"Every Chase a Steeple"
"Blue Jeans"
"Let It Rock"
"Million Dollar Riff"
"This Is My City"
"Somewhere in Sydney"
"Party to End all Parties"
"Why Dontcha All Get Fucked"
"Women in Uniform"
"Jukebox in Siberia"
"1976 Guitar"