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Green Day’s Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band pulls together 22 huge hits from the biggest albums of their career, including the era defining Dookie and American Idiot. God’s Favorite Band also includes a new version of Ordinary World, from the recent Revolution Radio album, now featuring Miranda Lambert, and also an amazing new Green Day rock song called Back In The USA. 

  1. 2000 Light Years Away
  2. Longview
  3. Welcome To Paradise
  4. Basket Case
  5. When I Come Around
  6. She
  7. Brain Stew
  8. Hitching A Ride
  9. Good Riddance
  10. Minority
  11. Warning
  12. American Idiot
  13. Holiday
  14. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  15. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  16. Known Your Enemy
  17. 21 Guns
  18. Oh Love
  19. Bang Bang
  20. Still Breathing
  21. Ordinary World feat. Miranda Lambert
  22. Back In The USA