First Kiss Party Kit Bundle

Brand: Kid Rock
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RELEASE DATE: February TBC, 2015 </i>

First Kiss CD
First Kiss "single" + mirror iTunes IG rollout
D2C Exclusive Digital Album (PA version plus "Say Goodbye" single)
First Kiss Party Kit (pre assembled into a box with the following contents):
Kid Rock Engraved Bullet Bottle Opener
1 Shotglass
1 Deck Playing Cards
2 Kid Rock Poker Design Coasters
1 vinyl sticker
1 First Kiss Box
2 Beer Koozies

1. First Kiss
2. Good Times, Cheap Wine
3. Johnny Cash
4. Ain’t Enough Whiskey
5. Drinking Beer With Dad
6. Good Time Lookin' for Me
7. Best of Me
8. One More Song
9. Jesus and Bocephus
10. FOAD

<i>NOTE: Album is released in February 2015. Your order will ship with intention to arrive on release day. It is recommended that if you wish to purchase other products, you do so in a separate order as all items placed alongside this order will ship with this order. Any orders placed after January 10th risk late delivery. </i>