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Falling (Vinyl)

Brand: Dude York

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There are two ways things can fall, says Dude York’s Claire England. They can fall and be ruined, or they can fall gently like a feather and be fine.

On Falling, their second full-length for Hardly Art, the Seattle trio explores that sentiment—evoked by the broken cake on the album cover and the soft confetti on the inside sleeve—through impossibly catchy and emotive songs that investigate the ways you can fall in and out of relationships, and sometimes fall back together. 

Release date: 26th July, 2019

Track listing
1. Longest Time
2. Box
3. I’m the 1 4 u
4. Should’ve
5. Only Wish
6. Unexpected
7. How It Goes
8. Falling
9. Doesn’t Matter
10. Let Down
11. :15
12. Making Sense
13. DGAFAF (I know what’s real)