Faces Standard Version 3LP

Brand: Mac Miller
This standard version of Faces is pressed on three canary yellow vinyl LPs.
Faces is the seminal mixtape from Mac Miller.

Originally released in May 2014, this groundbreaking project shattered the mold on the artist people thought Mac was and unwittingly became the foundation of a musical identity that went on to shape shift masterfully with every season of his life. This release and the rollout surrounding it is intended to serve a reintroduction of the project to fans and newcomers alike. We want to highlight its fearless yet vulnerable spirit — one curiously, methodically and expertly applied in its creation — and how it bloomed the beloved and critically-acclaimed projects that followed it.

The messaging should not be a reckoning on Malcolm's struggles. Instead we aim to acknowledge his artistic practice — his humanity and the courage with which he presented it to the world. Faces is the keystone to Malcolm’s body of work.


1. Inside Outside
2. Here We Go
3. Friends (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
4. Angel Dust (feat. King Ralph of Malibu)
5. Malibu
6. What Do You Do (feat. Sir Michael Rocks)
7. It Just Doesn’t Matter
8. Therapy
9. Polo Jeans (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Ab-Soul)
10. Happy Birthday
11. Wedding
12. Funeral
13. Diablo
14. Ave Maria
15. 55 (feat. Thundercat)
16. San Francisco
17. Colors and Shapes
18. Insomniak (feat. Rick Ross)
19. Uber (feat. Mike Jones)
20. Rain (feat. Vince Staples)
21. Apparition
22. Thumbalina
23. New Faces v2 (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Da$h)
24. Grand Finale