Don't Believe What You've Seen Or You've Heard (3CD)

Brand: Skyhooks

Size: 3CD

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RELEASE DATE: 30th October, 2015

Subtitled ’40 Years of ‘Hooks Hysteria!’, this super-deluxe 3cd set looks back at the year 1975, when Skyhooks were the biggest thing to hit Australia since the Beatles a decade earlier!

DON'T YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN OR YOU'VE HEARD includes Skyhooks’ first two albums ‘Living In The ‘70s’ (released in October 74, but it spent much of the first half of ’75 atop the charts) and ‘Ego Is Not A Dirty word’ (released mid- ’75) – each remastered (by Greg Macainsh and David Briggs) from original tapes and augmented by original b-sides and a good number of unreleased demos. The third disc is something we’re calling ‘Skyhooks In Concert -1974-75’; it features 14 previously unreleased live tracks from such legendary Skyhooks concerts as the Sydney Opera house in ’74 and the State Theatre in Sydney and Festival Hall in Melbourne in ’75.
In addition to the 44 tracks, the set features a deluxe 8-panel digipak, a classy o-card, and a 36 page booklet with numerous never-before seen images and an insightful new essay from former RAM magazine editor and Skyhooks confidant Anthony O’Grady.


CD1 - Living in the 70’s
1.            Living in the Seventies
2.            Whatever Happened to the Revolution
3.            Balwyn Calling
4.            Horror Movie
5.            You Just Like Me ‘Cos I’m Good in Bed
6.            Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)
7.            Toorak Cowboy
8.            Smut
9.            Hey What’s the Matter
10.          Motorcycle Bitch
Additional tracks:
11.          Broken Gin Bottle - B side of  original ‘Living in the Seventies’ Single
12.          Don't Suck it (Demo)
13.          Hey Whats The Matter (Demo)
14.          Horror Movie (Demo)
15.          Carlton (Demo)
CD2  - Ego is Not a Dirty Word
1.            Ego is Not a Dirty Word
2.            Love on the Radio
3.            Saturday Night
4.            Love’s Not Good Enough
5.            The Other Side
6.            Smartarse Songwriters
7.            Mercedes Ladies
8.            All My Friends Are Getting Married
9.            Every Chase a Steeple
10.          Private Eye
Additional tracks :
11.          Sweet Sister (Demo)
12.          The Other Side (Demo)
13.          Saturday Night (Demo)
14.          Love on the Radio (Demo)
15.          Smartarse Songwriters (Demo)
CD3 - Skyhooks In Concert  1974-75
1.            Hey What's the Matter
2.            Living in the 70’s
3.            Whatever Happened to the Revolution
4.            Balwyn Calling
5.            Toorak Cowboy
6.            Smut
7.            All My Friends are Getting Married
8.            Ego is Not a Dirty Word
9.            Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)
10.            Private Eye
11.            You Just Like Me ‘cos I’m Good in Bed
12.            Smartarse Songwriters
13.            Horror Movie
14.            Love on the Radio

Tracks 1 - 3 recorded at Sydney Opera House September 15 1974  -  monoaural recording from 2JJ live to air broadcast.
Tracks 4 - 9 Sydney State Theatre  April 12 1975 – monaural recording from  2JJ live to air broadcast.
Track 10 Her Majesty’s Theatre Adelaide July 9 1975
Tracks 11-12  Reefer Cabaret, Ormond Hall, Melbourne December 31 1975
Tracks 13-14 Festival Hall Melbourne  July 3 1975

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