Cry Mfer (Red Vinyl)

Brand: My Idea

The album, while permeated with lyrics about lying and crying and, well, hurting the one you love, has a palpable sense of humor and self-awareness, a testament to “rolling your eyes at something while acknowledging that it's also still kicking your ass,” says Nate.

Cry Mfer is, true to the band’s vision, a beautiful mess of different sounds, completely and effortlessly genreless (though if pressed to label it, the band settles on “Truth or Dare Pop”). While a milieu of myriad styles, from folk to dance, the album’s main through line is truth, regardless of how much the expression thereof may hurt (after all, as Lily sings in the title track, “truth and life go hand in hand”). Its lyrics aren’t “particularly diary-ish,” Nate says, they’re “a little more…” “Diarrhea-ish,” Lily jokes. 

It’s a reaction against the self-seriousness that runs rampant throughout indie music

Release date: 22nd April 2022


Cry Mfer
Baby I’m The Man
Lily’s Phone
Breathe You
Not Afraid Anymore
One Tree Hill (feat. Thanks For Coming)
I Can’t Dance Part 2
Pretty You
I Should Have Never Generated You
Yr A Blur