Closed Circuits: Australia Alternative Electronic Music of The 70s & 80s Vol.1 (CD)

Brand: Various

Item: CD

‘Closed Circuits’ features detailed liner notes and track-by-track commentary by Nichols as well as an original design by Michael Trudgeon, the graphic designer for the seminal Melbourne ‘80s cassette fanzine ‘Fast Forward’ (which was a vital outlet for this music back in the day), as well as numerous images.

‘Closed Circuits’ provides a unique and invaluable look at the specifically Australian beginnings of key elements of the music of the 80s: music that is more popular and examined more closely now than at any time since it was originally made.


1             The Metronomes - A Circuit Like Me

2             The Reels – Shout and Deliver

3             Informatics - Great X-1

4             Jules - Rock Rock Daddy

5             Bring Philip - Fire Truck

6             Anne Cessna and Essendon Airport- Talking To Cleopatra

7             German Humour - A Young Man's Old Girlfriend

8             Models - On (Original 7” Mix)

9             And An A – Affirmation

10           Voigt/465 – Imprint

11           Whirlywirld - Window To The World

12           Ya Ya Choral - Waiting Time

13           The Dugites - Waiting

14           Karen Marks - Cold Café

15           The Limp - Outer Space Moth

16           Asphixiation - L'Acrostique D'Amour

17           Machinations - Average Inadequacy (Original Version)

18           Scattered Order - A Few Little Shocks

19           Primitive Calculators - Pumping Ugly Muscle (1987 Sydney Disco Mix)

20           Distant Locust - I Feel Love