Cinematic (CD)

Brand: Illy

Cinematic is an apt title for an Illy album. The evolution of Illy (Al Murray) as an artist certainly lends itself to the idea of film. It's the tale of a smart and idealistic hip-hop storyteller who put everything on the line and, through honing his craft and sheer hard work, made it work.

Displaying a musical range that people might not expect from a hip-hop artist Cinematic is a record that moves, like a film, through different moods, scenes and locations, with a revolving cast of characters adding their voices to the overall narrative. Boasting Australian hip-hop legends Hilltop Hoods ('Coming Down'), and Drapht ('Yoyo'), as well as Daniel Merriweather (on the epic soul of 'Save Me'), and Kira Puru on 'Talk', it's a guest cast to envy.

Track Listing

1. Opening Night
2. One For The City (feat. Thomas Jules)
3. Youngbloods (feat. Ahren Stringer)
4. On & On
5. Coming Down (feat. Hilltop Hoods)
6. No Tomorrow
7. Tightrope
8. Talk (feat. Kira Puru)
9. Save Me (feat. Daniel Merriweather)
10. YoYo (feat. Drapht)
11. Am Yours
12. Cinematic
13. More Than Gold