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Sometime in 2016, just as the Polish singer and producer Tobiasz Biliński began to find success through the dim and fractured electropop of Coldair, he knew it was time for a radical change. Laced with songs about early death, chronic disappointment, and clouded minds, the record was, as he puts it now, his earnest attempt to “get all this old shit out.” That mission accomplished, he needed something new, a restart—the unabashedly radiant and unapologetically complex pop of Perfect Son, delivered in 10 perfect shots on Biliński’s Sub Pop debut, Cast.

Release date: 15th February, 2019

Track listing
Side A
Every Time I Hear That Song
The Joke
Hold Out Your Hand
The Mother
Whatever You Do

Side B
Fulton County Jane Doe
Most Of All
Harder To Forgive
Party Of One