Buried Country 1.5 (2CD)


Size: 2CD

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RELEASE DATE: 30th October, 2015

Festival Records and Warner Music Australia are proud to announce the October 30 release of a new and significantly different edition of the ground-breaking 2000 compilation Buried Country: The Story of Aboriginal Country Music, which was originally released in conjunction with a book and documentary of the same name. All formats were the work of author Clinton Walker, who has created this new edition  - Buried Country 1.5 - to accompany the new edition of his book. Hailed on publication as “an act of restitution” (Rhythms), and a work that “traces new pathways into the songlines of a hidden and resonant Australian musical history” (The Age), Buried Country has had a substantial cultural impact over the years, and will continue to do so with this new release and new developments in the new year.

Buried Country 1.5 features the key artists from the original 2CD set on the first disc together with a CD’s worth of more recent artists. It includes Archie Roach, Warumpi Band, Dan Sultan, Troy Cassar-Daley, Kev Carmody, Thelma Plum,  Vic Simms, Jimmy Little, Tom Lewis, Ruby Hunter, the Painted Ladies (with guest vocalists Paul Kelly and Ed Kuepper and others), as well as new liner notes by Clinton Walker and some beautiful new images.


1. Vic Simms - Get Back Into the Shadows
2. Jimmy Little - Shadow of the Boomerang
3. Black Allan Barker - Run Dingo Run
4. Lionel Rose - Jackson’s Track
5. Vic Simms - Hey Sheriff
6. Warumpi Band - Jailanguru Pakarnu
7. Mop and the Drop Outs - Brisbane Blacks
8. Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight) - Nyantu Yangka Parla Jarranyangany Ngarpuwu
9. Ali Mills - Watjim Bat Matilda
10. Maisie Kelly - My Home in the Valley
11. Kev Carmody - You Beautiful
12. Country Outcasts - Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home
13. Gus Williams - Old Aboriginal Stockman
14. Isaac Yamma - Pitjantjatjara Boy
15. Auriel Andrew - Ghost Gums
16. Roger Knox and Euraba - Koorie Rose
17. Tracey Lee Gray - Streets of Tamworth
18. Mac Silva - Malabar Mansion
19. Ruby Hunter - Women’s Business
20. Tiddas - In My Kitchen
21. Troy Cassar-Daley - Proud Young Man
22. Rug Cutters - Land Where the Crow Flies Backwards
23. Roger Knox and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Wayward Dreams
24. Lionel Rose - I Thank You
1. Pigram Brothers - Barefoot Kid
2. Naomi Pigram - Hurts to be Me
3. John Williamson with Warren H Williams - Raining on the Rock
4. Peter Brandy - Long Time Ago
5. Kutcha Edwards - Get Back Up Again
6. Dan Sultan - Old Fitzroy
7. L J Hill The - Pretty Bird Tree
8. Frank Yama - She Cried
9. Tom E Lewis - Two Dollar
10. John Bennett - Wangkaja
11. Sue Ray - Red Roses
12. Benny Walker - Time
13. Thelma Plum - Around Here
14. Leah Flanagan - September Song
15. Archie Roach - Big Black Train
16. Painted Ladies - Stranger in my Country
17. Glenn Skuthorpe - Great Beyonder
18. Jimmy Little - Yorta Yorta Man
19. Theona Councillor - Cover Me

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