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Bleach (Deluxe Vinyl)

Brand: Nirvana

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Nirvana's debut album showcases what sounds more like a force of nature than a rock band. The unrelenting fervor with which the group delivers these tunes is almost frightening. There is also a strong melodic flair that leavens the ferocity occasionally, hinting at the scope of Cobain's compositional talents. "Love Buzz" and "About A Girl" show off enough pop smarts to make it clear that as strong as Bleach is, Cobain's hiding even more tricks up his sleeve. Marking the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's debut album, Sub Pop has reissued the Platinum Certified Bleach. This expanded double LP includes a never-before-released live performance and special packaging.

Track listing
A1 Blew
A2 Floyd The Barber
A3 About A Girl
A4 School
A5 Love Buzz
A6 Paper Cuts
A7 Negative Creep
B1 Scoff
B2 Swap Meet
B3 Mr. Moustache
B4 Sifting
B5 Big Cheese
B6 Downer

Live. February 9, 1990 - Pine Street Theatre - Portland, Or
C1 Intro
C2 School
C3 Floyd The Barber
C4 Dive
C5 Love Buzz
C6 Spank Thru
C7 Molly's Lips
D1 Sappy
D2 Scoff
D3 About A Girl
D4 Been A Son
D5 Blew