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American Idiot (2LP)

Brand: Green Day

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concept album and "punk rock opera," American Idiot follows the story of Jesus of Suburbia, an adolescent anti-hero that is divided between "rage and love." Through its plot, the album expresses the disillusionment and dissent experienced by a generation which came of age during various turmoil including the Iraq War. The album was inspired by several musicals and the work of the Who. Recording of American Idiot was split between two Los Angeles studios between 2003 and 2004. Its album art—inspired by propaganda—depicts a heart-shaped hand grenade.


This is a reprinted mixed coloured vinyl release. Half the discs are red with black, and half are white with black pressed on regular 120gm weight vinyl.

Track listing:




1          American Idiot

2          Jesus Of Suburbia



1          Holiday

2          Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

3          Are We The Waiting

4          St. Jimmy



1          Give Me Novacaine

2          She's A Rebel

3          Extraordinary Girl

4          Letterbomb

5          Wake Me Up When September Ends



1          Homecoming

2          Whatsername

Release date: 27/11/15