All The Lost Souls (CD)


James Blunt returns with his breath-taking sophomore album release 'All The Lost Souls'. Recorded and mixed in LA with 'Back To Bedlam' producer Tom Rothrock, the 10-song cycle about life - and death - shows tremendous growth from 'Back to Bedlam'. Musically, the album draws much of its inspiration from great artists of the '70s: Fleetwood Mac, Don McLean, Elton John. The album opens with the layered, rollicking lead single '1973', a nostalgic look back at sharing great times with friends. Songs such as 'One of the Brightest Stars' and 'Annie' deal with the vagaries and distortions that fame can bring. 'Carry You Home' and 'I'll Take Everything' tackle our fragile mortality, while 'I Really Want You' and 'Same Mistake' showcase Blunt at his most vulnerable.

Track listing

1. 1973
2. One Of The Brightest Stars
3. I'll Take Everything
4. Same Mistake
5. Carry You Home
6. Give Me Some Love
7. I Really Want You
8. Shine On
9. Annie
10. I Can't Hear The Music