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A Stand Up Comedy Film Debut (DVD)


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ˇ Scott Dooley isn't like other comedians, that's why when he made a stand-up film he didn't really make a stand-up film, instead he made you an invitation, an invitation to join him on the road as he tours his imaginatively titled debut show, Debut.

ˇ From trying to figure out how to be single to dealing with pretentious idiots to coming to terms with his own failings as a person, Scott takes you on a literal and metaphoric journey while making you laugh from start to finish.

ˇ Performing Perth Fringe Festival 23 - 29th Jan and Adelaide Fringe 19th - 21st Feb with more shoes TBA for 2015!

ˇ Australian comedian Scott Dooley is an experienced comedian & radio announcer, having previously hosted prime-time shows on both Triple J & Nova

ˇ With behind the scenes footage and never before seen stand up you'll see why Scott is one of Australia's most exciting comics playing sell out shows around the world while leaving critics with "cheeks sore from laughing"