100 Album Covers Of the Future (Book)


Item: Book

In 2007 after GERLING went on hiatus, Presser moved on to the land of collage art. After having done their album covers with band mate Darren Cross, it seemed like a cool thing to continue.

In November 2007 the 1st Dead Galaxy exhibition came to life. It took place upstairs, in a crazed and packed room at the Annandale Hotel and after just 2 hours, all the artworks were sold.

3 years lapsed & another exhibition was ready. February 2010, Mart Gallery in Surry Hills was home to the exhibition Dead Galaxy II (Life Dust). Around this time, bands Decoder Ring & Dappled Cities used iconic Dead Galaxy artworks for their t-shirt designs.

Dead Galaxy’s Space Milk exhibition followed in October 2013 at Abicus in Newcastle, featuring around 300 CD size artworks that had been assembled daily for almost a year…

3 years later, we arrive to 2016, where come November, Dead Galaxy will be exhibiting BRAIN WASHED – 100 ALBUM COVERS OF THE FUTURE.

The exhibition features 100 LP size artworks (5 years in the making) and will take place at Tiny Tailor gallery in Chippendale. Along with 100 artworks for sale, Dead Galaxy will be launching a book of these pieces featured in Brain Washed. Published by Cool Accidents, the limited edition book is housed in a stunning LP sized hard cover and will be available at the gallery.