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Walk Through Fire (Vinyl)

Brand: Yola

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Rising star Yola’s debut solo album, Walk Through Fire, produced by The Black Keys’ eight-time Grammy Award winner Dan Auerbach, finds the Briton blazing her own trail with an unshakable passion for the soul and country music she loves.

Walk Through Fire is a contemporary twist on a traditional sonic tapestry of orchestral strings, fiddle, steel and shimmering tremolo guitars. It provides the perfect soundtrack to Yola’s arresting vocals, which first came to the attention of Auerbach after a friend sent him a video of Yola performing in Nashville.

Hailing from a small town outside Bristol in the UK, Yola grew up in poverty with an unsupportive parent who “banned” her from making any music. She later became homeless, living on the streets of London and also experienced stress-induced voice loss.

Yola overcame these challenges to launch a successful sideline in writing, performing on pop hits and briefly joined British band Massive Attack. From there she made her mark in the US with her vocal powers and innovative songwriting winning early supporters, including the Wall Street Journal, Paste, Stereogum, NPR and Rolling Stone, who stated she possessed “a voice that can range from confessional coo one moment, to full-on heart-wrenching howl the next”.

Release date: 22nd February, 2019

Track listing

1. Faraway Look
2. Shady Grove
3. Ride Out In The Country
4. It Ain’t Easier
5. Walk Through Fire
6. Rock Me Gently
7. Love All Night (Work All Day)
8. Deep Blue Dream
9. Lonely The Night
10. Still Gone
11. Keep Me Here
12. Love Is Light