Road Chronicles: Live! (CD)


Supersonic Blues Machine is the magic combination of drumming legend Kenny Aronoff, bassist/producer Fabrizio Grossi & lead singer Kris Barras.

Road Chronicles: Live! features ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons and classics from ZZ Top, Muddy Waters and Elmore James.

The set list covers the two Supersonic albums: “West of Flushing, South of Frisco” and “Californisoul”

Release date: 22nd November, 2019


I Am Done Missing You (Live)
I Ain't Fallin' Again (Live)
Remedy (Live)
Can't Take It No More (Live)
Watchagonnado (Live)
Elevate (Live)
Bad Boys (Live)
Let It Be (Live)
La Grange (feat. Billy F Gibbons) [Live]
Broken Heart (feat. Billy F Gibbons) [Live]
Dust My Broom (feat. Billy F Gibbons) [Live]