Spirit Of Akasha

Spirit Of Akasha




Warner Music and Heritage Surf Australia are proud to announce the DVD release of Spirit of Akasha. Spirit of Akasha is a film byAndrew Kidman, made to celebrate 40 years of Albe Falzon’s surfing masterpiece Morning of the Earth (also available).

Spirit of Akasha premiered at Sydney Opera House as part of Sydney festival in January 2014 and has been shown at a number of film festivals around the world including Barcelona, Germany, France, Holland, and Hawaii. The film which has since been seen at over 50 cinemas around Australia, will feature at The Melbourne Art Centre's Hamer Hall on Nov 7th and is expected to play through summer 2014/15 at outdoor cinemas and surf events.

Spirit of Akasha was produced and directed by renowned independent film maker, musician and surfer Andrew Kidman (Litmus, Glass Love, Last Hope) with the backing and blessing of Albe Falzon, and set out to reimagine Falzon’s film in the context of surfing in the new millennium. It was filmed around the world during 2012 and 2013 and features world champion surfers like Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore and ‘soul surfers’ such as Fergal Smith, Kye and Joel Fitzgerald, and Sam Yoon as its main protagonists. Locations included the Australian Gold Coast, Hawaii, Tahiti, Ireland, Mexico, Fiji and Indonesia among other beautiful and secret spots. Kidman’s DVD release comes in an extended Director’s Cut plus 8 new bonus chapters adding over 30 minutes of additional footage , including key scenes from the beautiful Irish coast shot by Micky Smith and further footage of the legendary Tom Curren and his daughter surfing and performing. Curren’s daughter Lee-Ann also adds her beautiful vocals (alongside Canyons) as an added bonus.

In addition, a deluxe version is available which comes with a fresh booklet (containing further photos unseen in the CD Audio releases), as well as a Director’s commentary explaining the process of making the film and revealing details of featured surfers and locations for the first time. Fans have already been following the commentary and back story on the acclaimed website www.spiritofakasha.com and many thousands have gone there to hear more about the project from the producers, artists and surfers who were involved. Now Kidman and Falzon add their unique full commentary to take the story one step further.

Both films are heavily tied to music, which was very much part of Falzon’s original concept. As a result both are accompanied in their deluxe editions with musical soundtracks - Akasha comes complete with a modern reworking of the original (and classic) Morning Of The Earth soundtrack Reimagined, featuring Matt Corby , Xavier Rudd , Busby Marou and Andrew Kidman and The Windy Hills among others whilst the original film comes with its classic soundtrack produced by G.Wayne Thomas and will be released globally in a format that for the first time allows those outside of Australia to readily get the audio and CD together. The Spirit Of Akasha soundtrack featuring Grouplove, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Angus Stone, Xavier Rudd, Pond , Matt Corby and many more has been nominated for a 2014 ARIA Award for Best Original Soundtrack.


Physical products available below or get the soundtrack digitally here: http://bit.ly/SpiritOfAkashaiTunes